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Oracle of the Hidden Worlds

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Oracle of the Hidden Worlds

Beyond this world, just out of sight, lie wondrous realms you may have glimpsed, imagined, remembered or visited in dreams. These other worlds exist behind the veils, to protect and preserve their knowledge and energies. They are slowly revealing themselves, allowing themselves to be experienced and discovered, remembered and restored. Enter the visionary artwork of Gilbert Williams and embark on a marvellous journey into secret spaces and magickal places with bestselling author Lucy Cavendish as your personal guide. Discover light temples, liminal pathways, Lemurian relics, Camelot’s mysteries and more! These worlds may be hidden, but their magick, glory and wisdom are within your reach. 42 full col cards & 132 page guidebook.
Författare: Lucy (Lucy Cavendish) Cavendish
ISBN: 9781925538663
Språk: Engelska
Vikt: 458 gram
Utgiven: 2019-11-13
Förlag: deep books ltd


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